The Sturgis Tiny House by Cubist Engineering 0020

21ft Tiny House with ‘Secret Ceiling Bed’ and Gull-wing Door!

This is the Sturgis tiny house on wheels by Cubist Engineering. It’s a modern 21ft tiny house with “a queen-size bed that appears magically from the ceiling,” according to the builder.

It also features a unique trailer with removable axles and trailer hitch. Very interesting! Did I mention the remote control gull-wing door? Take the tour below and let us know what you think in the comments!

Original article at Tiny House Talk.


  1. Really like this THOW! nice clean look and good interior layout but never did see this hidden bed. Would have liked to see bath and what size frig it had too! Loved the extra doors!

  2. I like the clear and uncluttered design. Although my floor plan would be different to minimize ‘corridor feeling’. The hidden bed is something I will do anyway. The guys from Cubist Engineering are doing custom designs.
    However, prices are hardly in the five digit area and therefore out of reach of most THOW lovers.

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