Cascade Tiny House with Downstairs Bedroom

This is the Cascade Model tiny house on wheels by Tiny Idahomes which features a downstairs bedroom, full kitchen, bathroom, and built-in awning. Available as is for $63,135. Learn more here.

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  1. Hi my name is Char I look to gather ideas if I ever build a tiny house what to do rather find out after it’s built not real well. Right now I am looking for a low income program I have had most my life like I had place to stay but little food. Nothing else so if I can get a free tiny house with wood stove split heat system full refrigerator storage galore solar panels to keep battery’s charged and a rain water system for water purification to then be ready to wash clothes clean house all but cook with is what I am looking for I have never owned own house unless the offer is to come … To me.. See I do not know so I ask for freebie tiny house at different tiny house places individual tiny house on my land .. A land. Yes it is and isn’t my land. .. Nor all mine .. So it can serve me for another problem or problems ok I like to use it myself too of course

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