Cascade Tiny House by Tiny Idahomes_001

Cascade Tiny House with Downstairs Bedroom

This is the Cascade Model tiny house on wheels by Tiny Idahomes which features a downstairs bedroom, full kitchen, bathroom, and built-in awning. Available as is for $63,135. Learn more here.


  1. Hi my name is Char I look to gather ideas if I ever build a tiny house what to do rather find out after it’s built not real well. Right now I am looking for a low income program I have had most my life like I had place to stay but little food. Nothing else so if I can get a free tiny house with wood stove split heat system full refrigerator storage galore solar panels to keep battery’s charged and a rain water system for water purification to then be ready to wash clothes clean house all but cook with is what I am looking for I have never owned own house unless the offer is to come … To me.. See I do not know so I ask for freebie tiny house at different tiny house places individual tiny house on my land .. A land. Yes it is and isn’t my land. .. Nor all mine .. So it can serve me for another problem or problems ok I like to use it myself too of course

  2. I have been always a fan of downstairs Bedroom and this one is no exception. Beside that it looks fresh and the floor plan is well thought and price seems to be right, too.

  3. Some seriously odd camera angles. I’d rather see more details rather than duplicate pictures with only a slight difference in angles. Also would like to see more of the bathroom and bedroom (there looks to be, maybe, a closet in the bedroom.

    That said, I love the layout and no-loft bedroom. The kitchen is perfect…I’d actually have room to put dishes AND food. I love the dark cabinets. And, between the white counters, walls, and the light from the windows, it looks furprisingly open. Excellent job.

  4. Love it and price seems reasonable. I would like a porch and solar. Does Idaho have tiny house communities?

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