5th Wheel Tiny House on Wheels by Mississippi Tiny House LLC 0011

Fifth Wheel Tiny House on Wheels

A 5th Wheel Tiny House on Wheels by Mississippi Tiny House LLC. It’s currently listed on eBay for $39,800 and located in Houston, Mississippi.

Learn more at Tiny House Talk and eBay.

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  1. I really like the design of this tiny house. I would have to have an oven though, stuck on homemade cookies. 🙂 I think it is priced just right also.

  2. This is truly a very fine piece of work, both in design and workmanship! I Love all the little details and and the layout that make this a homy and efficient unit, and even I am not a fan of this type of “homebuilt” furniture (just to uncomfortable) I can see why you may have chosen it and it can always be upgraded!
    The porch and the front siding work make it a very attractive unit and a proud possession for any owner.
    It won’t take more then a few personal items to make this a very comfortable “Home” well done on a great price point !!!!
    I am a furniture builder and designer (retired) so I know a little bit about this stuff, on top of that we are just about to start our own build, a 40′ 5th wheel = 40′ +9′ gooseneck +1′ overhang = 50′ total !!! We will be building with SIP’s except for the main floor in the trailer frame, it will be 2″x6″ and closed cell spray insulation. I will be milling my own lumber on a small mill for siding and furniture, maybe flooring if I can find the right stuff. we’re ready to start as soon as the ground dries and the snow and mud disappears! sorry don’t have a website yet.

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