Helga Tiny House Truck Conversion by House Box 0041

Horse Box Truck Turned into Beautiful House Truck Named Helga

Photos by Will Bunce

Photos by Will Bunce

Very very proud to present the long awaited Helga in all her finished glory. For those that are new to our page, when Helga first arrived she was still very much a horse-box (complete with hay and poo!) We fully stripped the box, planed the timber back and blasted and repainted the frame. With the addition of lots of engineering and customisations, we built her back up from scratch and added heaps of off-grid wizardry behind the scenes so that her owners can truly be home, wherever in the world they choose to park up.


Learn more here. Visit House-Box here. Follow them on Instagram here.


  1. You have created not only a moveable home but literally a work of art. The labor of love put into this conversion/ transformation is clearly evident. It is simply beautiful.

  2. Oh my gosh! Where to start! I absolutely love this home. The beautiful use of wood alone is enough, but then you add the wire front cabinest, the lovely stairs, the amazing Peter Pan type opening in the sleeping loft, the copper heat shield, the beautiful kitchen (and especially the counter top), the list goes on and on. The entry and porch is absolutely lovely, the window placement, the exterior decor. It is all wonderful and beautiful.

  3. Magnificent! I smile when I’m only looking at the pictures; how much MORE pleasant it must be in person.
    Fantastic job! Thank You for sharing it!

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