The GYpsy Mermaid Tiny House on Wheels with Pizza Oven Inside 003

The DIY Tiny House with a Pizza Oven That Will Amaze You.. And It Was Built for Only $15k!

Robert and Rebekah Sofia, who built the entire home for around $15,000, using many reclaimed and recycled materials.

Learn more here and here. This tiny home was also featured in Ocala Style Magazine. The owners run a blog called Gypsy-Mermaid.

Our big thanks to Robert and Rebekah Sofia for sharing!

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  1. This Tiny Home is stunning! – and replete with artistic creativity. I love the colors and the mix of ‘palatial/vintage along with stones and furry throws…I could move in tomorrow! [Nope…couldn’t because I’d have to go up and down the stairs to the loo 3x night! LOL]

  2. This is perfect. Really amazing use of space, love the washer/dryer, love all the storage, the seating, all the unique touches. Nicely done!

  3. I don’t see dimensions, but guessing 8.5 by 24?? Height maybe almost max???
    This looks like a whole lot of fun with tons of character, a fun place to live.
    Great job on such a small budget. It seems roomy and not claustrophobic at all.
    Going on what I can see I like it. Other factors unknown would be how well insulated it is, if it is designed to handle a lot of travel or maybe just occasional moves, etc.
    Very tough to beat this at 15K and have this much included.

  4. This is MY cup of tea. So much love and detail…Congratulations! I would LOVE to be able to live in such a “cosy” little house here in South Africa.

  5. Totally awesome…I have Italian blood so the Pizza oven really caught my eye…This is also one of the most appealing Tiny Houses I have seen on this site…Congratulatory on a GREAT job…

  6. This is a very unique and beautiful tiny home but there is absolutely no way that they were able to build this for $15,000.

    1. Why would you say that? They are not speaking of furniture and appliances as much and the finished empty home and if you have ingenuity and like me are a dumpster diver and a scrounger, yep you can do it. My county also allows you to do your own plumbing and electrical if it passes inspection and I have son in laws that are licensed in both. So it just depends on how resourceful you are. I just picked up 5 nice wooden framed windows from a remodeling job and they were free. I didn’t bring the picture window because I can’t unload it by myself. Thrift sore and habitat for used cabinets and other interior items like bathroom sinks, showers for less than half a retail store. Likely they already owned the trailer or got one used for cheap. I figure that was the most expensive part of the build.. LOL easy.

  7. This is artistic and lovely. I’m wondering, though: I absolutely adore them, but you never see tiny houses with adobe interiors. How well will this material travel? Are they worried at all about cracked walls if they decide to drive away with their home on wheels? Again, this is just beautiful, but I worry about durability of the interior elements.

  8. I LOVE it!! And I appreciate that you DID show so many photos. When a work of art can be so beautiful and also functional, it soothes the soul. 👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼 Great work!

    1. Curious? Are you saying that if it has passive and solar power, plumbing and or a compost toilet it is not a house? I am not sure you make a great deal of sense. The HOUSE I am planning has a well, a water catchment system, yes a septic system and solar as well as wind power. If it is on a foundation are you telling me it is not a house? This HOUSE has plumbing and lights and TV and a washing machine. It has a bathroom that I am pretty sure functions as well as running water.Are they hand cranked?

  9. To me, this is what it’s about. There are houses and there are homes. Homes display personality and personalization. Beautiful! Absolutely beautiful!

  10. It incredible and for only 15,000 dollars it’s on belief. I want to build one for myself I wish my husband was into it I’m 72 and I am in love with small houses . yours is the most creative one I have ever seen and one of my favorites.

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