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The Point Tiny House


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Modern Tiny Living is proud to present the Point, an extremely functional 20 ft. tiny house on wheels that pairs the design intricacies of our Kokosing model with the function and value of our Mohican model. With gorgeous wood throughout, modern concrete countertops, sage green cabinetry, tons of storage and a spectacular living area, the Point is truly a home that can be lived in or enjoyed part time. The Point can be scaled up as well for those that wish a bit more room!

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  1. Refreshing different. I like the sitting area in front with raised floor. However, kitchen and bathroom provide a bit of tunnel effect and allow only one person to move there.
    Lofts aren’t my thing at all and this one makes no difference.
    A lift up bed above the sitting area would be my choice, always ready to use and out of the way if not. Doing that requires a different roof shape.

  2. I don’t know where to begin on the kitchen design flaws. Cooktop in front of the window? Inches away from a wall, Really? You need to talk to someone who actually cooks before your next build.

  3. I have been looking for plans with the tongue over sitting area. Yours is awesome! I am planning to build a 28 footer with a downstairs bedroom. Do you sell your plans? I am doing the build by myself, and need a plan to go off of! I drew up a plan, but can’t find anyone to actually make the plan. I purchased Andrew Morrison’s hOMe plan, and then decided it wasn’t exactly what i wanted, so I am still looking! I am a 60 year old woman with some building experience, so thinking of using metal studs because of the weight difference. That way, I should be able to lift the wall sections by myself………. I hope!!

  4. Cheri Roshon, where are you located!!??? My name is myndi and your story sounds like mine! except i need to build on a goose-neck. Would love to but our brains together. email mail me if your interested. [email protected]. thanks

  5. I do not understand why so many tint homes insist on putting the bathroom and kitchen next to each other. Disgusting.

  6. Not into a tiny house yet. But have RV’d all over north america. I’d like to offer a suggestion to anyone that want to build a tiny home and dont know what they want. Look at rv builder’s floor plans fbey are usually pretty good at giving you an idea of how to lay out yr floor plan. PS most have the bathroom close to the bedroom not the kitchen. LMAO.

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