VEDUNA CamperVan: Work Van Converted into Amazing ‘Stealthy’ Motorhome

This is the VEDUNA campervan converted by Dipa Vasudeva Das. It’s a large van conversion renovated with mostly natural materials like hemp insulation and a variety of beautiful woods.

You may remember another van that we featured from Dipa Vasudeva Das, which you can see here.


  • Hemp insulation
  • Ten kinds of wood!
  • Spruce, Larch, Pine, Cedar, Maple, Ash, Linden, Birch, Beech and Walnut
  • Oil/Wax finish
  • Sacred geometry, numerology, astrology, and Feng Suej
  • Hot/Cold/Filtered Water
  • 12V Solar System
  • Gas cooker
  • Unique custom stove
  • Natural buckwheat mattress

Photos © Dipa Vasudeva Das

Original post over at Tiny House Talk.

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