Henderson THOW by Movable Roots in Melbourne Florida 005

330 Sq. Ft. Movable Roots Tiny House on Wheels!

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This is the Henderson Model THOW by Movable Roots (builder) in Florida.

The Henderson model is unique in design because it features a main floor master bedroom and a spare loft. We completely utilized the 330 sqft home. No space was wasted. The Henderson also features a full size bathroom with a washer and dryer combo as well as full size kitchen and living space.

The Henderson was named after our older brother who was a minimalist long before it was cool to be. We have adopted the same philosophy and truly believe that Less = More โ˜บ

We got started in the tiny home industry because we decided to downsize ourselves and we felt we could bring some fresh ideas into the space.

Our company name is Movable Roots. We are a custom tiny home builder from Melbourne, FL. We bring our traditional home building skills of 20+ years to the tiny home community. We focus on building our homes as livable and spacious as possible while keeping a unique quality about them. With space being an issue in most tiny homes we build to make all space usable and no space is ever wasted.

Learn more: http://www.movableroots.com/

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Our big thanks to Michael Cheatham of Movable Roots for sharing!

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  1. I really like this set-up. My changes would be minor. I would just change the hanging lites to a colored glass fixture with a small fan. I defiantly would mine living in this full time.

  2. Wow! One of the nicest I’ve ever seen. Especially like the main floor bedroom with room to walk around (and make) the bed. The bathroom is great and this home actually has a proper table to sit at and work/eat/have tea with a friend, etc., and a comfortable couch. Just beautiful.

    1. Itโ€™s lovely, I live in Greece ! Can a small home as this fantastic one be shipped here? What is the cost?

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