A Year Off Grid In His Tiny Round Cabin Built for just $4k!

Images © Kris Harbour via YouTube

Video: A Year Off Grid in My Roundhouse

It was built in about 6 months for about $4,000 pounds. Learn more here. You can also support Kris Harbour’s work on Patreon and subscribe to his YouTube Channel here.


  1. This guy is great. He seems to be a self made master at building a cordwood type home. He is relaxed in his accomplishments as well as pointing out things he might have done differently. Thanks to the editor for this post.

  2. Just to add some color around the shrunken logs behind the stove I bead jewelry and I do not see a drought of wind getting through I see a spot that can use some color! A string of beads and a dab of glue gun to hold down or go natural and use moss tucked in the cracks!
    That’s what I get for being Artsy fartsy!

  3. The only thing I would add is a wooden screen door. Promotes airflow and keeps out the bugs. Outstanding work on the cabin though.

  4. Nice job. My parents built a cabin with stack wood about 20 years ago. The wood is just now showing it’s age. They are considering covering it with stone this year to slow down the deterioration. All in all, 20 years is pretty good.

    1. I’d recommend a good protective sealant to preserve the cord wood Zachary, as stone or rock draws moisture it will increase the deterioration ..
      Just a little advice from my one experiences with cord wood walls 😉

  5. Beautiful job. This little house is my dream – I always wanted to live this way. Sadly, our building codes where I live would not permit this type of building. So I am building a little cabin right now with normal framing that will be rustic on the inside. Great job Kris!

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