Coastal Craftsman Tiny House by Handcrafted Movement_001

Coastal Craftsman Tiny House by Handcrafted Movement

This is the Coastal Craftsman Tiny House on Wheels by Handcrafted Movement out of Portland, Oregon. It’s built on a 28′ x 8.5′ triple axel Iron Eagle PAD Trailer. Priced at $72,500. More info here. Our big thanks to Matt Impola for sharing!

Images © Handcrafted Movement


  1. Wow! I am in love. This is one of the most beautiful tiny’s I have ever seen. Thank you, designers, thank you, Alex. Oh, I would like to live in this.

  2. Thank goodness someone finally took one of those “rectangular box with a sloped roof” designs and gave it some personality. This is beautiful, for what it is. And then to top it off the living room is across the end so that when you sit on the couch you are not staring at a wall 6 feet in front of your face. If I was alone I could be pretty happy in this. The price makes no sense, but I’d build it myself anyway so it wouldn’t cost that much. Great design.

  3. Now this actually looks like a tiny house. Its neither a simple big rectangular box with a sloping roof or an over complicated, over designed,hips, valleys and gables everywhere design. I really like the exterior structural design. The interior looks clear,clean,functional and simple. Love the lounge area! It has everything most would need with room to tweak it and clutter it up if its standard design is not to your taste. But for me,its just about perfect. Bravo!

  4. This is the best one yet! Gorgeous! I love it….so bright and airy. It looks huge because of the light. Definitely a winner.

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